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Our award-winning team of thought leaders is dedicated to understanding how design can improve the health of our communities.

MKM isn’t like every architecture firm. Our work is more than just designing sustainable buildings. It’s a desire to understand the connection between placemaking and well-being. Our team is obsessed with the notion that our projects are meant to help, empower, and engage people during some of the most transformational moments in their lives. It’s a culture that is grounded in empathy, reliant on critical thinking, fueled by curiosity, and dependent on a talented team of thought leaders to be successful.

Zachary Benedict 

AIA, LEED AP, President

Zach Benedict has dedicated his career to understanding the connection between people and places. As the firm’s president, he oversees MKM’s strategic operation and continued dedication to successfully serving clients throughout the Midwest. With an extensive background in urban sociology, he has been instrumental in developing the firm’s approach to healthy placemaking. Through these efforts, he has lectured internationally on a variety of topics that focus on encouraging communities to reevaluate the importance of inclusive civic space. While designing numerous projects ranging from rural hospitals to public libraries, Zach’s passion for MKM’s research-focused process has helped solidify the firm’s dedication to developing meaningful and disruptive design innovations with clients across the care continuum.

Things you might not know about Zach.

  • He owns every Tom Waits album ever made

  • His mother is a librarian

  • He first asked his wife to marry him when he was 13 (she finally agreed at 22)

Viviane Bentes 


Viviane Bentes is a designer with over 20 years of experience, ranging from residential to commercial design. With an educational background in architecture and urbanism from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) and years of professional practice as a licensed architect in Brazil, she brings a fresh perspective to the firm. Viviane believes in the importance of design through a holistic approach which supports healthy living. She is a thoughtful designer, offering project support through the lens of her broad cultural experience.

Things you might not know about Viviane.

  • She was born and raised in Brazil (she speaks Portuguese, not Spanish)

  • She loves to travel and has visited 9 countries

  • She is not addicted to coffee; she just needs it to survive

Joe Boersema 

Senior Associate

Joe Boersema’s professional practice has an emphasis on technical and institutional projects. His advanced knowledge of healthcare design enhances his ability to produce detailed documents and specifications for some of the firm’s most complicated projects.

Joe has extensive and advanced training on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and has worked on various project types including hospitals, medical office facilities, and long-term care facilities. He has experience in all phases of project development and possesses a clear understanding of the numerous codes and requirements that govern the firm’s acute care work.

Things you might not know about Joe.

  • He is outnumbered by his wife and 5 daughters

  • He loves watching and following youth and scholastic sports

  • He is a Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiast

Mark Braun 

Mark Braun


Mark holds a degree in architectural engineering technology and has 42 years of experience in the architectural field. For over 30 years, his work has been focused on healthcare, higher education, justice, corporate and civic projects. He also has over 10 years of experience teaching architectural computer technology and related curriculum.

Mark thrives on the collaborative process of the project team working together to achieve goals and exceed expectations. Mark’s responsibilities include production of construction documents, project management, and construction administration.

Things you might not know about Mark.

  • His first employer designed nuclear and fossil-fuel power plants

  • He taught “Intro to AutoCAD” for 12 years at a local vocational college

  • He is an advocate for organ donation (his wife received a life-saving lung transplant)

Rachel Brouwer 

MHA, RT(R)(VI), Director of Business Development

Rachel holds a Master of Healthcare Administration from The University of Saint Francis and is also a graduate of Purdue West Lafayette, Purdue Fort Wayne, and Indiana University Fort Wayne. She has over a decade of combined experience as a healthcare professional and business development consultant, with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a strong connection to the mission of MKM. She is deeply rooted in community engagement and volunteerism, currently serving on the Alumni Board for both Purdue Fort Wayne and Indiana University Fort Wayne and is involved in several local charities. She enjoys making connections to enhance the health and well-being of the clients and communities the firm partners with.

Things you might not know about Rachel.

  • She is a registered cardiovascular and neuro special procedures technologist.

  • She was a rollerblader at Disney World in Tomorrowland during the summer of 1996.

  • She and her husband are both left-handed with brown eyes. Their daughters are both right-handed with blue eyes

Tafadzwa Bwititi 

Taf Bwititi

Assoc. AIA, Associate

Taf’s architectural interests stem from a desire to understand how communities interact with the natural and built environment and how it affects the well-being of the individuals within them. He has worked on a wide range of healthcare project types and offers a deep understanding of FGI and Life Safety (NFPA 101) compliance, promoting the health and safety of individuals while supporting standards of care. With advanced knowledge of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Taf also assists with the management of the firm’s BIM project standards and Revit library.

Things you might not know about Taf.

  • He was born and raised in Zimbabwe

  • He enjoys extreme sports and has been skydiving and once snowboarded in Alaska

  • He enjoys sci-fi, with two of his favorite shows being Star Trek and Dr. Who

Barb Charlton 

Barb Charlton


Barb’s role at the firm emphasizes the technical side of acute care facility design, which includes a broad understanding of Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) and Life Safety Code (NFPA 101), supporting multiple healthcare systems in managing their life safety protocols. She assists in managing complex projects and works closely with consultants to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Her project responsibilities range from document management and field work to architectural design, construction supervision, and performance of safety needs assessments. Prior to her career in architecture, she spent fifteen years in information systems management.

Things you might not know about Barb.

  • Her grandchildren call her Mimi

  • If she could be anywhere, it would be a beach

  • She has two fur babies, named Pink and Zeke, who are both English Setters

Corey Clark 

Corey Clark

AIA, LSSGB, Senior Associate

Corey’s professional practice is focused on improving processes and operations in healthcare environments. As a Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt, his studies have expanded to encompass the process improvement of care delivery through the full spectrum of the care continuum and the environments in which they occur.

Corey has had an active role managing a variety of the firm’s healthcare facility projects throughout the Midwest, which range from primary care to ambulatory surgery centers. His responsibilities include planning, project management, team leadership, architectural design, visualization, and construction administration.

Things you might not know about Corey.

  • He has hiked to the summit of Mt. Yale at 14,200 feet

  • He has white water rafted the Clear Creek River in Colorado

  • So far, he has hiked over 10 National Parks with Zion being his favorite

Meg Crites 

Meg Crites

AIA, Senior Associate

Meg has dedicated her expertise to long-term care, senior living and behavioral health environments, designing projects of varying sizes and complexity. Her commitment to environments for aging adults is reflected in not only her architectural work, but in her community service as a member of several AIA Design for Aging National committees through the years.

Meg’s ability to interact with clients on the responsibility of design in relation to quality of life has made her a trusted and valued member of the communities she serves. She has spoken nationally on the importance of architectural design and the practice of creating supportive senior living environments.

Things you might not know about Meg.

  • She can make any article of clothing without a pattern

  • She has drawn floor plans and elevations for her unbuilt dream home 100 times – each is different

  • Her mom taught her to drive by age 13 and her dad taught her regular car maintenance by age 16

Jonah Garoutte 

Jonah Garoutte

AIA, Associate

Jonah Garoutte serves as a connection between the project team and stakeholders to ensure solutions that align with the mission & vision of our clients. He is typically involved throughout the entire life of the project, providing support through every step of the process; from the first meetings through project closeout & follow up. With over 20 years of experience, he has led a wide range of project types within MKM’s core markets. In addition to a thorough understanding of the design & construction process, he also brings an extensive knowledge of construction drawings & technologies that ensure efficiency in workflow throughout each project.

Things you might not know about Jonah.

  • He met his wife in a coffee shop.

  • His favorite fruit is mango – some may say he’s a bit of a mango-tarian!

  • He loves photography, with his favorite subject matter being architecture.

Emily Hegbli 

Emily Hegbli


Emily joined the firm as a graduate architect, completing three internships with MKM prior to joining the team. She provides support for a variety of project types, developing design concepts from schematic design to construction administration. Her responsibilities include creating 3D models and renderings, field verification, and construction drawings.

Things you might not know about Emily.

  • She owns more than 40 sweatshirts

  • She was the second youngest person to go parasailing in Myrtle Beach at age 4

  • The first time she rode in an airplane, she jumped out of it at 14,000 feet

Lauren Hoffman 

Lauren Hoffman

Office Manager

Lauren joined MKM with over eight years of background in the construction industry. Her experience spans business development and marketing, to contract management and employee relations, directly impacting the firm’s daily operations and staff support. Lauren supports the team with facilities management, staff development, network organization and standardization, among a myriad of other crucial functions that support the firm.

Things you might not know about Lauren.

  • She considers herself a trivia buff

  • She is a hater of public speaking but a lover of talking

  • Enneagram 4 / DiSC Profile IS

Adam Jarosik 

Adam Jarosik


Adam joined the firm as a graduate architect, providing support for a variety of project types, developing design concepts from schematic design to construction administration. His responsibilities include creating 3D models and renderings, field verification, and construction drawings.

Things you might not know about Adam.

  • He has an eclectic taste in music

  • He loves plants

  • His favorite show is Breaking Bad

Dodd Kattman 

Dodd Kattman

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

A founding principal of MKM, Dodd Kattman has helped lead the firm’s evolution into a nationally respected design firm dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of our communities. Overseeing MKM’s long-term care work, Dodd offers more than 35 years of senior living experience, dedicating his time to the design, research, and the publishing of work that elevates the expectations of supportive environments for older adults. Dodd has given numerous conference presentations on senior living and long-term care and advocates for elderly populations, encouraging care providers and government agencies to adopt strategies that encourage seniors to live in connected, intergenerational communities.

Things you might not know about Dodd.

  • He spent his life avoiding the benefits and liabilities of drinking coffee until COVID

  • Ranked #1 all time (at the time) in auto mechanics class at Paul Harding High School

  • He enjoys early morning water skiing during the summer

Ben McHugh 

Ben McHugh

AIA, Associate

Ben’s architectural background stems from an appreciation of the built environment and its power to transform the lives of those who inhabit them. He appreciates the healing nature that both healthcare and community health design can contribute to communities. With an interest in the methodology and psychology of well-being, Ben manages numerous community health projects and has been recognized for his expertise in the design of public libraries. As a skilled graphic designer and illustrator, Ben’s artistic background allows him to communicate ideas to clients, as well as create cohesive and visually legible documents for contractor use. Ben manages projects from early programming, through construction document production, and into construction administration.

Things you might not know about Ben.

  • He is an avid bonsai tree hobbyist

  • He collects fountain pens and sketchbooks faster than he can use them

  • Holds the record for yearly champion of MKM’s bowling competition

Andrew Mitchell 

Andy Mitchell

AIA, ACHA, NCARB, Principal

Andrew’s professional practice is focused on the evolution of healthcare and community health. Andrew enjoys working with clinical teams to optimize workflows and improve overall health and well-being. Board certified by the American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA), Andrew has experience in community-based design, adaptive reuse, and integrated project delivery (IPD) through Building Information Modeling (BIM). As a proven leader of complex projects, he is skilled at guiding multidisciplinary stakeholders by combining technology, functionality, and experience within healthcare environments.

Things you might not know about Andy.

  • He has an obsession for cooking with fire and smoke

  • He is a lifelong Cubs fan and when not at Wrigley Field, he is listening to the game on the radio

  • His favorite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Tony Murray 


Tony’s interest in the built environment began at an early age with a focus on the construction industry. After years of hands-on experience at an early age, in a variety of skilled construction trades, he pursued a degree in computer aided drafting which started him on the path which led him to where is today. He brings to the team over 30 years of industry experience, with extensive knowledge of building design, from conceptualization through construction. He enjoys the process of discovery and finding solutions to successfully execute a project to best serve the end users.

Things you might not know about Tony.

  • He was in the Marching Hundred and Big Red Pep Band while attending Indiana University.

  • He and his brother have a classic car collection. Two of their cars have been in our family for over 30 years.

  • He can fold a fitted sheet.

Jerry Nix 

Jerry Nix

AIA, Principal

For over 35 years, Jerry has intensely focused on healthcare facility design and planning, leading the firm’s design team on many of our most complex clinical projects. Through efficient communication and comprehensive design documentation, these multi-phased projects have dramatically changed the way our clients deliver services to the community, while proceeding on schedule. Overseeing the firm’s acute care work, he dedicates time to researching topics that help organizations draw the important distinction between “outputs” and “outcomes,” paying specific attention to how design decisions can positively impact clinical results.

Things you might not know about Jerry.

  • He is an avid fisherman

  • He enjoys working in his flower gardens as a way to relax

  • His love for architecture is contagious, as his children are studying industrial design and architecture

Jordan Owens 

Jordan Owens

Senior Associate

Jordan’s professional practice experience has an emphasis on community health and multifamily housing projects. His knowledge of the construction industry enhances his ability to produce detailed documents and specifications while he manages the majority of the firm’s design/build relationships. He has experience in all phases of project development including schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction administration. Additionally, Jordan manages the firm’s internal quality control process.

Things you might not know about Jordan.

  • He had an interest in construction starting at age 5, working with his grandpa on a job site

  • He has both bowled a 300 game and hit two hole in ones at the golf course

  • He has coached tee ball, basketball, and soccer for his two kids

Sue Parrish 

Sue Parrish

NCIDQ, RID, Interior Designer

Sue has over thirty years of design work within the architectural profession. With experience on a full range of projects including all aspects of healthcare, her creative use of design elements and ability to effectively collaborate with clients play a vital role in how she approaches her design work. By leading the interior design, space planning, furniture, signage, and artwork selection for numerous facilities, she brings her experience in providing inviting, safe, and durable designs to every project.

Things you might not know about Sue.

  • She was the captain of her high school tennis team

  • Her husband asked her to marry him after two weeks (they have been married 42 years)

  • She is obsessed with the moon and stars

Melissa Petrie 

AIA, Associate

Melissa is a curious problem solver with a passion for design. She enjoys the project discovery process and strategizing design components to provide the best outcomes, which meet the client’s needs and provide support to the end user. With over 10 years of experience, Melissa has had supporting and leadership roles on a variety of project types, with a focus on multifamily residential spaces.

Things you might not know about Melissa.

  • She played piano for 10 years growing up…but don’t ask her to play now!

  • She is a Harry Potter fan and a proud Ravenclaw.

  • She is an Enneagram 1.

Matt Sparling 

Matt Sparling

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

Matt’s professional practice has a strong emphasis on managing healthcare projects for large institutional clients. He has a reputation for successfully planning, designing, and executing right-sized solutions that benefit client goals while enhancing the patient experience. His ability to skillfully facilitate interdisciplinary design teams and engage diverse user groups has provided invaluable service to our clients.

With his attention to detail and ability to coordinate complex design strategies for various healthcare systems, Matt assists in leading the firm’s healthcare market, serving clients across the Midwest. More importantly, his dedication to providing resilient and sustainable solutions has allowed him to become a trusted partner to the firm’s many long-standing repeat clients.

Things you might not know about Matt.

  • Has known since 6th grade that he’s wanted to be an architect

  • Has a bifid uvula, extra vertebrae, saw tooth pelvis, and 8 broken bones… yet still unbelievably handsome

  • Loves any reason to buy a new watch

Jenn Storey 

Jenn Storey

Marketing Manager

Jenn’s professional experience serves to translate the relationship between architecture and well-being, revealing the impact it can have on community health. With over 10 years of experience in multiple facets of marketing, she is focused in leading the firm’s digital marketing efforts, which relay the stories of our project partners and how their work is enhancing the communities they serve.

Things you might not know about Jenn.

  • She loves to karaoke

  • Her childhood hero was Annie Oakley

  • Ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012

Stephanie Vancelette 

Stephanie Vancelette

NCIDQ, RID, CHID, Interior Designer

With nearly a decade of experience in helping to lead acute care interior design efforts, Stephanie supports projects for several large healthcare systems. Her designs create standardized finishes to ensure balanced aesthetics, cohesive brand identity, safety, and durability. She is CHID certified through the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers, indicating a high level of comprehension in the application of current healthcare codes and protocols to enhance the health and safety of patients, residents, family members, and healthcare providers.

Things you might not know about Stephanie.

  • She was part of an archaeological discovery, unearthing a mastodon

  • She is a multi-year trap shooting champion

  • She is a 4H Grand Champion cookie maker

Allie Vanderhorst 


Allie supports the firm’s project development through research and presentation strategy. Her educational background spans from architecture and planning to storytelling and communication. She is driven to reveal the connections between placemaking and well-being and the potential impact design decisions may have on the people they serve.

Things you might not know about Allie.

  • She grew up on a worm farm.

  • You will never meet someone who craves chocolate more than Allie.

  • She loves going to the dentist.

Megan Zwick 

Megan Zwick

Director of Operations

Megan oversees all business systems for the firm, including investment, personnel, and operational strategies. She leads the firm’s finances, contract management, information technology, and day-to-day business activities. Megan received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Trine University. She is a Fort Wayne native and active community member volunteering for numerous organizations. Megan is a 2019 Leadership Fort Wayne graduate.

Things you might not know about Megan.

  • She is a self-proclaimed master of Donkey Kong Country

  • She has a twin brother (twins run in her family)

  • She has a self-made Harry Potter tattoo on her right hand


We are a team of experts dedicated to providing excellent service across the care continuum.

Our firm has developed an approach to our work. Our team believes that there is an important distinction between “outputs” and “outcomes.” While a project’s sustainability is reliant on understanding, measuring, and enhancing key outputs (financial sustainability, market demand, etc.), its impact is measured in outcomes (patient safety, resident dignity, child’s happiness, etc.).

Each project is reliant on providing functional strategies that respect the realities of time and budget. But more importantly for us, each project offers the opportunity to serve people – to help provide a place that can positively impact the lives of the people it serves. As a design firm who exclusively thinks about community health and well-being, we understand the important of healthy placemaking and see each project as a unique response to a specific set of needs. From strategic planning and campus planning to conceptual design and interior finishes, our team is consistently developing right-sized solutions that respond to the shifting needs of our clients and the future of well-being.

Purposeful Partnerships

Over the years, MKM has been extremely fortunate to work with many amazing clients across the care continuum. During that time, our team has helped numerous organizations develop innovative models of care that disrupt the status quo and effect sustainable change within the communities they serve. With a focus on healthcare, our design team is licensed across the United States to provide services nationwide.