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Elkhart Public Library

Branching Out

Elkhart, Indiana

Starting with a feasibility study, the Elkhart Public Library system worked with MKM to update four branch locations. Stakeholder input came to the forefront as they plan for the future. The feasibility analysis aimed at defining the priorities for facility improvements across the library’s four branch locations. Through this process, the design team reacted to public input, staff and stakeholder interviews, and developed a series of strategies intended to strengthen the library’s ability to serve each respective community. These recommendations were then incorporated into a series of design solutions that defined the scope of renovation and expansion at each location.

  • Osolo Branch, Elkhart, IN (renovation/addition)
  • Pierre Moran Branch, Elkhart, IN (renovation/addition)
  • Dunlap Branch, Elkhart, IN (renovation/addition)
  • Cleveland Branch, Elkhart, IN (renovation)

The project worked to formalize a series of design standards to unify the patron experience and service lines at each location, including decentralized circulation, natural light, centralized hearth and enhanced outdoor programming space