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Foellinger Foundation Moss Wall


Foellinger Foundation

Honoring a Legacy

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Serving the community since 1958, this charitable foundation was formed to support Allen County nonprofits through grants, leadership training, conferences, and more. Renovation goals of the Foellinger Foundation were to align the space with how staff interact and to provide collaborative areas for community use. The theme of interaction is prevalent throughout, featuring glass front offices and conference rooms for high visibility, comfortable collaborative areas, and a playful and on-brand color palette. Additionally, the design pushed the existing traditional aesthetic to a contemporary feel.

To extend daylight throughout the building, a portion of the floor was removed to expose the glass ceilings and circular pendant lights, which are visible from any public space, including the basement. Artwork is used as wayfinding, featuring a series of installations which tell the story of Fort Wayne’s history and of founders Helene and Esther Foellinger, who perpetuated their family’s tradition of civic involvement and contributions for the well-being of their community.