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North Webster Community Public Library

Your Friendly Neighborhood Library

North Webster, Indiana

The North Webster Community Public Library (NWCPL) has long been a valued part of the small lake community, embraced as a center for the community to gain knowledge and social interaction. The library, with attendance numbers growing at a rapid pace, had outgrown its previous location within the North Webster Community Center. The new library provides nearly double the space of its previous location, while maintaining the valuable face-to-face interactions between library staff and patrons that set the NWCPL apart. The new location provides the library the opportunity to expand its collection and community offerings.

Patrons are welcomed by a new circular drive with sidewalks connecting to the surrounding neighborhoods. A large expanse of floor-to-ceiling windows is complimented by a modern brick façade. Upon entering the library, patrons are greeted at a central reception area along a large corridor connecting the various collections for easy wayfinding. Unlike other newer libraries, the new building does not include a self-checkout, instead retaining its personable reputation by having staff manage checkout. Wood accents throughout the library add warmth and texture, while highlighting points of interest such as a large fireplace and lounge area. The library offers a variety of meeting rooms, a fire-rated genealogy department, and large teaching kitchen. A large custom mural near the entrance highlights the individuals who made the project possible.