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We are a team of experts dedicated to providing excellent service across the care continuum.

From facility assessments and space programming, to evolving reimbursable rates and community health needs, our team offers an array of experts focused on providing excellent service. MKM prides itself on working with clients in an effective and transparent manner. We are here to serve you to ensure your project is not only successfully delivered, but promotes your mission and brand while prioritizing patient and patron experience.


Our clients' sustained success is our biggest concern. That is why we are so passionate about providing right-sized, evidence-based solutions that can improve the delivery of care across the care continuum. In order to do this, we have developed a team of subject matter experts that provide a diverse and comprehensive collection of advisory services.

  • Public speaking

  • Facility needs assessment

  • Board retreat facilitation

  • Design charrettes

  • Life safety assessment and management

  • Evidenced-based design and research

  • Building code and healthcare licensure coordination


Healthcare strategy can change dramatically across the care continuum and it is important to understand the comprehensive issues facing community well-being when looking towards the future. Whether for a campus or a single facility, our team provides planning services that explore the large-scale integration of placemaking strategies designed to increase social capital and improve health outcomes across multiple project types.

  • Campus planning

  • Facility master planning

  • Conceptual cost estimating

  • Urban design and placemaking

  • Space programming

  • Lean Healthcare modeling

  • Pre-and post-occupancy studies


Our people-centered approach is focused on the built environment’s role in elevating the quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. While our work is measured by its accuracy, efficiency, and utility – the ultimate measure of success is our ability to transform our client’s vision into reality. Our team’s breadth of expertise provides our clients with creative ideas that work to redefine a culture of care.

  • Conceptual and schematic design

  • Building information modeling

  • Rapid prototyping and room mockups

  • Design Development

  • Construction documentation

  • Bidding and construction administration

Interior Design

While interior design often goes hand-in-hand with architectural design, it is a unique and intricate service. The decisions made in shaping the interiors within a building can directly impact the user experience, often redefining one’s sense of dignity, comfort, security, and happiness. Our reverence for purposeful interior design leads to a measurable impact on how people feel within these spaces and embodies our clients’ vision in the process.

  • Space planning

  • Material and finishes selection

  • Furniture, fixture, and equipment specification

  • Mural and art installations

  • Signage and wayfinding

  • Develop and manage standardized finishes

Purposeful Partnerships

We have made a conscious decision to limit our team to researchers, urban designers, architects, and interior designers. But most projects need a broader scope of services than that. For us, this means each project presents an opportunity to build a unique team around the specific needs of our clients. From mechanical and electrical engineering to landscape architects and medical equipment planners, we compile a distinctive team of experts that respond to the specific goals and vision for each project. 

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