Making history, again.


The Landing


Fort Wayne, Indiana



100,000 SF Renovation

35,000 SF New Construction


70 apartments, 8 restaurants,
and 6 large commercial
tenant spaces

For more than 185 years, The Landing has been a central figure in Fort Wayne’s history. After lying dormant for years, its rebirth will make history all over again.

Columbia Street (affectionately referred to as “The Landing” for generations) has a long history in downtown Fort Wayne. As one of the oldest commercial districts in northern Indiana, the area had been underutilized for decades. Recent resurgence in downtown redevelopment sparked a renewed interest in the area.


Envisioned as a mixed-use development designed for work-live-play, this public/private partnership between the City of Fort Wayne and The Model Group (developer of “Over-the-Rhine” district in downtown Cincinnati) utilizes a complex financial model to make this complicated project a reality.


While the historic buildings will be carefully restored, a new four-story mixed building will be positioned in the heart of the development. The new construction will honor the scale and character of its historic neighbors while clearly moving the Landing into the 21st century.


With the commencement of riverfront development one block north, and the projected growth of the Arts District one block to the east, the location of the Landing perfectly fits its goal – to be a catalyst for continued interest and growth in downtown Fort Wayne.

Team Leader


Zach Benedict

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

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