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Forthcoming twenty author photos in a grid

Forthcoming: Virtual Chat Series


Forthcoming twenty author photos in a grid

In this virtual chat series, authors of Forthcoming: Considering the Future State of Our City, will reflect on their essays to expand on their ideas and engage with one another. Forthcoming is a citizen-led book project, including 20 essays outlining 20 ideas that should shape community development for the next 20 years.

The series consists of four group discussions, moderated by MKM’s Zach Benedict. This diverse group of local leaders explore what ideas are often misunderstood or underappreciated when envisioning the future of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Group 1

  • Accuracy by Kara Hackett
  • Alignment by Kristin Giant
  • Awareness by Kristin Marcuccilli
  • Civility by Susan Mendenhall
  • Connectivity by Dan Baisden

Group 2

  • Delight by Ellen Cutter
  • Gumption by Courtney Tritch
  • Homogenization by Alex Hall
  • Inclusivity by Irene Paxia

Group 3

  • Innovation by David Buuck
  • Legitimacy by Heather Schoegler
  • Mortality by Leslie Friedel
  • Nesting by Zach Benedict
  • Risk by Allison Gerardot

Group 4

  • Sacrifice by Sharon Tubbs
  • Seek by Matt Kelley
  • Shadows by Andrew Hoffman
  • Specificity by Jacob Benedict
  • Voices by Curtis Crisler

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