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Why Housing Matters details the responsibility of the built environment as it relates to human connection and quality of life.

Communities across the country have found themselves in a hyper-competitive war to attract and retain creative talent for their expanding workforce.

It's a culmination of a 40-year journey for MKM - and like all good fishing stories, it's been an unbelievable experience.

MKM renovated rooms to create engaging and comforting spaces for children during treatment at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

MKM architecture + design had the necessary expertise to lead the process of converting patient areas as quickly and safely as possible.

How can we guarantee each other the meaningful personal connections? What can we do to insulate people from the dangers of loneliness?

As demand for equity, accessibility, and inclusiveness grows – so will our desire to manage community development at a grassroots level.

If we intend to provide a prosperous future for younger generations, we need to start taking our collective health more seriously.

In 2017, we had four guests visit the Fishbowl, each providing a unique look at how they are working to improve community health.

During this National Nurses Week (May 6-12), MKM takes a moment to show our appreciation to all nurses across the healthcare continuum.

Cooperation is a basic instinct. We find it prevalent all through nature, from large whales to ant colonies.

Healthcare buildings are replacing city halls and shopping centers, becoming some of the most civic buildings and environments built today.

A story where MKM takes a deep dive at re-thinking the design of exam rooms, and how this could ease anxiety for patients.