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Zach Benedict and Andy Mitchell

MKM to speak at IRHA 2018 2018 Leadership Seminar & Rural Health Clinic Workshop


After a successful presentation at this year’s IRHA Annual Conference in French Lick, IN on June 26th, MKM architecture + design Principal Zach Benedict, AIA, LEED AP, and Senior Associate Andy Mitchell, AIA, ACHA, were asked to return and present their workshop entitled “Swimming Upstream: Reexamining the Social Determinants of Health in Rural America” at the IRHA 2018 Leadership Seminar & Rural Health Clinic Workshop in Odon, IN on August 23rd.

This session will examine the clinical and social impact of shifting demographics within rural communities, and how these trends have impacted overall health and well-being. It will also explore how indicators such as “happiness” and “engagement” can inspire effective strategies for addressing upstream social determinants of health, and frame a new mentality for rural community development.

“For many cities, there’s a growing need to understand how economic development can support health and well-being,” said Mitchell. “Our hope is to help rural communities prioritize this connection as they look to the future.”

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