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Parrish Orthodontics


Fort Wayne, Indiana



7,500 SF


New Construction

The Right Angle

The site of Parrish Orthodontics, located in southwest Fort Wayne, offered a design challenge, as the site is triangular in shape. MKM took this as an opportunity to create a unique, modern, triangular building. The triangle comes to a point facing the street corner, offering excellent curb appeal for this new location.


The stone-clad exterior comes to a steep point with a 20-foot overhang above a wall of floor to ceiling windows. The open interior allows visitors to have feel for the undulating form of the building. The roof is a complex form, with no truss the same. The interior is warm and inviting with a mid-century modern aesthetic complemented by wood and stone finishes. Above the reception desk, a wood feature wall was created with plank flooring. Interior signage welcoming guests was cut from the trunk of a tree removed from the site to make way for the new building.  

Team Leader

Matt Sparling

Matt Sparling

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

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