Piper Trail pocket neighborhood Lutheran Life Villages

The Future of Social Independence


Piper Trail, Lutheran Life Villages



Fort Wayne, Indiana



Piper Trail Campus, 12 acres

Piper Trail Clubhouse, 4,390 SF


48 single family, one-and-two bedroom homes ranging from 1,140-1,520 square feet.

Team Leader

Dodd Kattman

Dodd Kattman

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

Piper Trail, a 12-acre neighborhood, will be built within Inverness Centre in southwest Fort Wayne, IN, where Lutheran Life Villages’ The Village at Birchwood is currently located.

Walking and biking paths will connect 48 single-family homes to shopping, recreation, and surrounding neighborhoods. Future residents will have the option of five different cottage styles, which include one-and-two-bedroom homes ranging from 1,140 – 1,520 square feet and attached garages. Pocket neighborhoods are a growing development model that clusters cottage-scaled homes gathered around a shared common ground within a larger community. While helping to maintain resident independence, this model has been proven to foster meaningful neighborly relationships and increase socialization.

View the construction progress here.

The renovated Piper Trail Clubhouse is the social focal point of the new "pocket neighborhood" at Piper Trail.

The Piper Trail Clubhouse Renovation involved the reconfiguration of Lutheran Life Villages’ (LLV) existing Adult Day Services facility to allow for the continuation of excellent services for day services clients along with the creation of a new Clubhouse as a social focal point for the emerging senior “pocket neighborhood” at Piper Trail. The Clubhouse includes an activities center, bistro, fireplace, fitness room, and outdoor patio.

Like all LLV community spaces, the Clubhouse is warm and inviting, with unique design details. For example, the wood beam that serves as the mantel for the fireplace focal point is made of reclaimed wood sourced from Lutheran Life Villages CEO Alex Kiefer’s barn. It’s little touches and the stories behind them that set LLV apart from the rest. That is certainly the case with the Clubhouse at Piper Trail.

Statistics clearly show the population of aging adults in the U.S. is growing. LLV facilities and services offer great places to live, and the best of care, for aging residents of Northeast Indiana. LLV remains on the cutting edge of senior residential offerings with the new Piper Trail community. Individual homes provide independence, privacy, and shared spaces like the pocket parks and the Clubhouse bring neighbors together. The Clubhouse offers a well designed and constructed space for Piper Trail residents to gather year-round. These opportunities to interact frequently with neighbors, friends and families can have a significant impact on reducing loneliness and its harmful effects. The Clubhouse is a shared hub for the Piper Trail Community.

Piper Trail Clubhouse, Fort Wayne, IN, Pocket Neighborhood