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MKM Staff Step it Up in 2021

MKM architecture + design (MKM) believes in enhancing the health and well-being of the community. This commitment to healthy living begins with our staff. Beginning in 2020, MKM has challenged employees through their year-long incentive program to visit the YMCA 100 or more times to earn a full individual membership reimbursement for the year. The goal of the program is to promote healthy living and community engagement through the YMCA.

Megan Zwick, Director of Operations; Stephanie Vancelette, Associate; and Jenn Storey, Marketing Manager, stepped it up this year, attending the YMCA over 100 times in 2021. MKM applauds the dedication of our team members to their individual health and well-being.

Pictured: Stephanie Vancelette (Left), Megan Zwick (Middle), Jenn Storey (Right)

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