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Have Mercy


Ascension St. Vincent Mercy Hospital Nursing Unit and Supporting Systems 


Elwood, Indiana


7,500 SF



Team Leader

Jerry Nix

Jerry Nix

AIA, Principal

Ascension St. Vincent Mercy, located in Elwood, Indiana is a critical access hospital that serves Elwood and the surrounding communities. MKM recently completed the renovation of the Mercy Nursing Unit, a 7,493 SF medical-surgical unit on the third floor of the hospital.

The existing hospital consisted of 20 patient care rooms that were consolidated into 11 new patient care rooms. Seven of the new rooms are private care rooms and four of the rooms are able to be converted from private to semi-private patient rooms. This innovative approach to patient rooms allows the hospital flexibility to handle increased patient volumes or flex spaces to provide the required clinical care for the community’s current demand. The 11 new patient rooms also include one secure room, one dialysis-ready room, and one isolation room.

The project also included new staffing support areas: nurse's station, medication room, nourishment room, equipment room, and administrative offices. The existing equipment storage, soiled utility, clean hold, and staff room received finish upgrades. 


The project also included new infrastructure upgrades from the basement up to third floor. The project was multi-phased to allow for a full air-handler replacement for the first, second, and third floors. This complex project required coordination between the design team, contractors, facilities, and hospital staff to sequence closing areas of the hospital and displacing patients and staff throughout construction.

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