Clark Retirement Community on Keller Lake


Clark Retirement Community on Keller Lake​


Grand Rapids, MI



140,750 SF (finished)

31,412 SF (underground parking)


café, wellness gym, restaurant, social gathering spaces, various living spaces, and accessible parking

Team Leader

Dodd Kattman

Dodd Kattman

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

Happy retirement.

Clark maintains an innovative culture in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is committed to creating a place that appeals to tomorrow’s older adults. 

The new campus will establish engaging environments and public spaces that encourage independent living residents to maintain their health, personality, and passions. Centralized social amenities include a café, wellness gym, restaurant, and other gathering spaces that are positioned and equipped to promote resident choice and prioritize social engagement. Living options will be varied and appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals, including accessible parking. It has been said, "first life, then spaces, then buildings – the other way around never works.” That is the vision for Keller Lake.