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Lutheran Statewood ER Exterior

We are ER


Lutheran ER Statewood 


Fort Wayne, Indiana


9,600 SF



Team Leaders

Jerry Nix

Jerry Nix

AIA, Principal

Andrew Mitchell

Andy Mitchell


Associate Principal

Lutheran ER Statewood provides quick, convenient access to 24/7 emergency care with board-certified ER physicians and ER-trained nurses and fast access to Lutheran Health Network’s full spectrum of care.

MKM worked with Lutheran to design a Freestanding Emergency Department (FSED) that would expand the available treatment options in a highly competitive Fort Wayne healthcare market. The Statewood site selected for the FSED targeted primary and secondary service area patient populations, and was reviewed for future market volumes and patient demographics.

The FSED offers 24/7 imaging services including digital X-Ray, CT and ultrasound and 24/7 lab services. The clinical space offers pediatric focused exam rooms, results waiting areas, and required support spaces. The pediatric focused rooms integrate the expertise of the Lutheran Children’s Hospital to this location. The design and planning discussions looked for ways to improve workflow and minimize wait times. 

Lutheran Statewood ER Rendering
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