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Lutheran Health Physicians Auburn


Lutheran Health Physicians Primary Care Clinic


Auburn, Indiana


19,500 SF


New Construction

Team Leaders

Jerry Nix

Jerry Nix

AIA, Principal

Redefining Family Medicine

Lutheran Health Network's new prototype fosters provider collaboration to improve patient and staff satisfaction. 


The Lutheran Health Physicians (LHP) Primary Care clinic is a prototype model focused on centralizing primary care and imaging service lines within smaller communities. The clinic design incorporates design standards developed by MKM and LHP within the last five years. Optimized staff and patient flow, standardized exam and support spaces, and
centralized physician spaces improve overall patient satisfaction while strengthening LHP’s brand within the communities they serve.

The project scope is comprised of a primary care clinic, patient-centered medical home (PCMH) clinic, and a licensed outpatient imaging department (HOPD). The primary care clinic is broken down into (2) pods of (9) exam rooms. The rooms are served by a central nurse station and support areas immediately adjacent to the nurse station. The PCMH has a central meeting room and (2) clinic/consult areas that are immediately accessible from the meeting room. The licensed imaging is comprised of a lab, (1) X-ray, (1) ultrasound room with toilet, (1) CT room with toilet, and support spaces.

This project is an example of a facility with multiple service lines focused on outpatient and primary care. The design team utilized established facility standards to efficiently design each clinic space and maintain the brand identity of LHP.

Andy Mitchell

Andy Mitchel

AIA, ACHA, Associate Principal

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