Spectrum Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Service with a smile.


Spectrum Rehab & Nursing Center


Grand Rapids, Michigan



123,220 SF


Dedicated rehab household and therapy gym; Auditorium, which can support large gatherings and events; Varied independent living dining venues including a grab-and-go bistro/library.

Team Leaders

Dodd Kattman

Dodd Kattman

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

Matt Sparling

Matt Sparling

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

In Grand Rapids, a new facility showcases how hospitality starts at the front door – providing a long-term care experience focused on redefining service and prioritizing a healing environment.

Spectrum Health recently completed the construction on a $22.5 million renovation and expansion of its Rehab and Nursing Center. The project involved construction of a two-story, 123,220 SF addition to the Kalamazoo Avenue facility that replaces their facility first built 50 years ago. The facility features the latest in innovative design concepts to create an environment of healing for rehab patients while providing a home-like environment for long-term care residents.

The design of the facility was centered around a desire to enhance the “hospitality” experience for patients and guests. The initial concepts for the building were inspired by the Planetree Care Components, focusing on human dignity and integrative paths to well-being.  In order to highlight the facility’s dedication to this idea of hospitality, great care was given to understanding what it would feel like to arrive at the new building. This idea of “arrival” became extremely important to the design, signifying the moment that care began for those arriving, as well as the moment care concluded for those leaving. Often this transition occurs at a conventional drop-off/pick-up area.  Here the design team tried something different.


Often referred to during design as the “threshold” – an entry court was explored in great detail to provide an area that could mark the limits of hospitality and set the stage for the level of care one would receive upon entering the facility. This area not only served as the introduction to the care experience, but as a spatial front door for all who enter. 

Beyond the threshold is a modern long-term care facility intently focused on effective care.  The new building offers short-term rehabilitation services on the first floor and long term care on the second floor. The first floor features 77 beds, mostly private rooms. The second floor has 88 beds with the majority being in enhanced semi-private suites. Each floor is divided into four "households" with separate living areas. A large room on each floor will be used for meals and recreational activities. In addition to these, the project also included fully-equipped rehabilitation gyms, private treatment rooms, and a low stimulation area specifically suited to patients with neurological conditions.

Spectrum Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center