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IU Health Starke Micro Hospital Replacement Study


Knox, Indiana


45,000 SF



Team Leaders

Jerry Nix

Jerry Nix

AIA, Principal

Replacing an existing hospital requires a lot of strategy, and an in-depth study can save time and money during design and construction and keep hospital operations efficient when patients are served. 


MKM was commissioned for the replacement hospital study for the existing 66,000 square foot facility of Starke Hospital. As part of this study, MKM and the owner’s lean consultant conducted a weeklong 2P process to better understand the desired workflow, room adjacencies and patient experience that would create an optimal workflow and service opportunities for this hospital and this community. 


After completing and documenting  the 2P process, the hospital rented a large vacant manufacturing facility to conduct a full-scale hospital mock-up, as seen in the photo below. This full-scale mock-up helped validate and refine the decisions made in the 2P process. The mock-up included such details as laying out head walls and surgery rooms with power, gasses and equipment. 


The proposed facility included an Emergency Department, Radiology, Lab, Surgery, 6 private patient rooms and one double patient room.  The proposed replacement facility is 45,000 square feet.

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