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Taylor's Dream Boundless Playground, Fort Wayne, IN

Dreams Become Reality


“Taylor’s Dream”
Boundless Playground


Fort Wayne, Indiana



New public park, splash pad,
and restrooms

Team Leader

Zachary Benedict

Zach Benedict

AIA, LEED AP, Principal

The first of its kind, this park in Fort Wayne, Indiana is redefining disability and reminding an entire community, all civic space should be boundless.

The Boundless Playground at Kreager Park is a completely accessible playground, waterpark and splash pad with restroom facilities. MKM led a design team in collaboration with the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department to develop a design that responds to the needs of children with disabilities while also encompassing several principles of sustainable design.


In keeping with the water theme, the restroom facility is designed to celebrate rainwater. The roofs shed rainwater from all sides into collection drains on the pavement below. In turn, the rainwater flows through bioswales for filtration before ending up in a cistern for collection and reuse to water the landscape. The restroom facility is designed to use daylighting, limiting the amount of artificial light needed inside the structure.

Serving as the first “boundless” playground in the Midwest, the park is nationally recognized as one of the most accessible civic spaces in the country.

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